In Memoriam Charles "Chuck" Eastman

Photo: Wikidscientist, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Professor Charles "Chuck" has passed away.

Chuck Eastman is certainly the most influential, visionary and important scholar, pioneer and practitioner in the field of digital methods in the built environment. He is the very inventor of what we refer to as Building Information Modelling today. Computer Aided (Architectural) Design, Parametric Modelling, Interoperability, Computer Supported Collaborative Work in AEC/FM would look very different without his ground braking contributions.

His game-changing ideas and concepts will be passed on through his seminal body of work documented in scientific literature and practical BIM handbooks. All those who have had the opportunity to have a conversation with him, be taught or guided by him or to work with him praise him for his incredible passion, interest and attention, his thorough and deep reasoning and the abundance of knowledge and insight he so happily shared with undergraduates, graduates, PhDs students, colleagues and practitioners.

We have lost a truly great thinker, scholar and teacher. Condolences to his family.

Ghang Lee (one of his many former PhDs and co-author of the handbooks) has posted a very concise and kind obiturary on FB.

The foundations of BIM from 1974 Eastman, C., & And Others. (1974). An Outline of the Building Description System. Research Report No. 50.

Building Product Models: Computer Environments, Supporting Design and Construction. (1999). Routledge & CRC Press.

Sacks, R., Eastman, C., Lee, G., & Teicholz, P. (2018). BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Designers, Engineers, Contractors, and Facility Managers (3rd edtion). Wiley.

Receiving an award during the 2018 CIB W78 where he is the named patron for the annual Charles M. Eastman Top PhD Paper Award

During a BIM and modelserver workshop at the KTH Stockholm organized by Väino Tarandii, ca. 2011(?)

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