LDAC 2024

Looking back on an entire week of LDAC2024, which took place last week in 📍 Bochum, we are excited to share some highlights from the Design Computation team.

The week kicked off with a three-day Summer School, during which our chair delivered lectures on LinkedBuildingData, including Jakob Beetz's demonstration of LLMs for uncovering similarities within LBD ontologies, Anne Göbels' insights on lifting legacy infrastructure data with LBD methods, and Oliver Schulz leading a tutorial on Spatial Querying LBD graphs.

Our team also championed the OuterSpace hackathon challenge, which involved implementing spatial links between heterogeneous data sources. The task gave our students a temporary headache, but resulted in truly exciting and valuable outcomes! The LDAC Workshop started on Thursday, featuring Oliver Schulz's presentation on integrating openCDE APIs with Linked Building Data and Common Data Environments ( Link). Furthermore, Anne Göbels shared her research on a Relative Location Ontology enabling the integration of natural-language location descriptions into LBD graphs ( Link). The contributions are part of our Raumlink project of the Hashtag#SPP100+ research program supported by the DFG.

All resources from lectures, tutorials, and hackathon challenges are accessible on the SSoLDAC204 GitHub repository (Link), and all LDAC papers and presentations are available at: Link. A warm thank you to the LDAC conference committee, the dedicated local organizing team from Lehrstuhl für Informatik im Bauwesen – Ruhr-Universität Bochum at RUB, and to the entire LDAC community for great coffee break discussions, valuable feedback and entertaining conference dinners!

Looking forward to LDAC2025 in Porto!

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