From winter semester 2019, we will be offering the software ArchiCAD as a course. ArchiCAD is like the Allplan and Autodesk REVIT used by us in teaching another BIM program. In all these programs, buildings are understood as interrelated, interdisciplinary data models. These object-oriented, parametric data models describe the individual components of the building (i.e. its components) as well as the relationships between the parts. Changes to an object in a BIM building model immediately affect all "views" of the building: Floor plans, views, sections, 3D model.

In addition to the visual processing of the building data model, BIM programs also allow access to masses, component information, costs, ... ArchiCAD also offers convenient access to the modelled data via the integrated IFC interface. ArchiCAD has long integrated the possibility of working together in a team on a model live.

During the seminar we will not only learn the basics of the software, but we also focus on teamwork during the course. For this seminar we are looking for groups who have to submit a joint paper in the course of the semester and therefore choose ArchiCAD as their program.

Further hints:

The course is offered during the semester. Registration does not take place via RWTH-Online.

The course is particularly suitable for the preparation of building exercises in the third semester. During the first CAAD.TEAM lecture we will briefly introduce the seminar. Questions can be asked at the end of the lecture. Please send us your application for participation with details of the participating persons and the project:


All inquiries regarding this event can only be made via e-mail