B4 Bachelorthesis bicycle parking garage HBF Aachen

Bicycle parking Aachen Central Station by Felix Huening & Marietheres Weinberg cc: Marietheres Weinberg & Felix Huening

The bike as a beacon of hope

In many cities, the bicycle is seen as the key to improved, lean and efficient mobility. Congested inner cities, overcrowded parking garages and a significant increase in the number of traffic victims make it clear in many places that this urban model has reached its limits. Finally, the current discussions about particulate matter, CO2 and the environment make it clear how important the bicycle is within the chain of mobility.

There are many positive examples of cities being redesigned to make them more bike-friendly. The example of Copenhagen shows that this is even possible in large cities. Thus the Süddeutsche Zeitung headlines "Copenhagen: Blueprint for the bicycle city" in January 2019. This is one of many articles that admirably describe the transformation of Copenhagen. Increased quality of life and improved health are clearly linked to the change in mobility. But it also quickly becomes clear that individual solutions alone will not be enough to transform a city. An overall concept within transport policy is needed to promote a significant change in mobility.

Aachen, a city with many bikes and without a suitable infrastructure

Nobody will dispute that the fastest and most effective way to get around in Aachen is by bicycle. Here, too, the limits of the car-friendly inner city are clearly evident. Despite problems of high traffic density and "topographically demanding" terrain, the bike seems to be the means of choice for moving around Aachen efficiently and ecologically. The search for a parking bracket, a traffic sign or a lantern to park one's bicycle theft-proof is difficult in many places. This problem is very evident in the vicinity of public buildings and also at the stations. It is precisely in the proximity of such places that it makes sense to offer an improved infrastructure for safe and weatherproof parking of bikes.

A bicycle parking garage at Aachen main station

As part of the B4 project bicycle parking garage HBF Aachen, concepts are to be developed to improve the parking situation for bicycles and make cycling in Aachen more interesting, especially for the many railway commuters from the surrounding area.

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