In today's modern professional life, computers have become an indispensable part in the life of an architect. The creation of plans with different software tools is a daily part of this everyday professional life. In this course, Computer-based processes are learned and applied during the study period and also when working on projects. At the end of the first semester, DC.start offers an introduction to computer-aided construction, drawing, presentation and design. The course takes place compactly during the semester break. Within one week the two-dimensional work will be introduced.

The compact seminar covers the basic functions for creating architectural plans with the help of four main topics. On the fifth day, structured, drawn, measured and layouted floor plans, sections and views of a small draft will be presented as a result.


  • Introduction to the Basics of Computer Aided Design
  • Orientation in two-dimensional space
  • Draw and change objects
  • Layer structuring
  • Working with blocks
  • Dimensioning and labeling
  • Layout
  • Creating plot styles
  • Plot

Further information

The course is offered exclusively during the respective winter semester. Registration is via RWTH-Online.

In the course of the semester, students will be asked to register with RWTH Moodle in groups of two and to complete a survey on their previous knowledge. Participation in the seminar takes place on your own computer (notebook) or in the Learn.LAB. An own notebook is not necessary but helpful to complete the course. More detailed information on hardware requirements will be provided in RWTH Moodle during the course of the semester.

Students who have to repeat the subject will find all necessary information on this website:


For general questions about this course please use the forum in Moodle. For specific/private matters you can send us an email. For this purpose please use our contact form