In the third semester of the Bachelor's programme in Architecture, students will work on several complex projects in a team. The aim is to develop the learned methods of individual project work for a group of students in order to create a joint submission. The coordination of the information flow within the group is crucial for the quality of the submission. This will partly be done with media such as paper, folders and discussion notes, but for the most part via computers. CAAD.TEAM does not only deal with computer-aided processes, but also with the structuring of group rules and group communication.

The aim of the event is to acquire skills in the areas of common data management, building models, versioning and data exchange.

Further information:

The course is offered exclusively during the respective winter semester. Registration is via RWTH-Online.

Usually, the groups that jointly do the building exercises will also work together on

Students who have to repeat the subject will find all necessary information on this website:


All inquiries regarding this event can only be made via e-mail