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Questions about administrative issues (RWTHOnline, moodle etc.) can be answered in our office hours:

  • Wednesdays 13:00-15:00

You can contact us by e-mail at any time: [subject] .

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Please make sure that each message contains the following information. The best way is to enter it directly in the following list and at the beginning of your message:

  • Name: Frida Schinkel
  • Matriculation: 123456
  • PO: 2018 (Prüfungsordnung / examination regulations)
  • Subject: CAAD.start
  • Semester: WS 2019/20
  • Wiederholung: no *

The subject line of the mail should contain the following information:
Subject_Name_Matriculation: Request

e.g: CAAD.start_Schinkel_123456: Exam registration

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The DC Team


The department Design Computation | CAAD offers numerous courses in parallel in the different semesters. With

  • two Bachelor lectures with exercises (DC.littlebim, DC.BIGBIM (CAAD.eins/BIM.basic),
  • M1, M2, M3 master projects, B4 projects
  • Additional offers (Pixelstudio, DC.VR, Intelligence & Buildings etc.)
  • Catch-up examinations

we try to supervise up to 600 students simultaneously in up to 6-8 parallel courses. We have the capacity of 2.5 budget positions (1.5 WM, 1 Prof.) and additionally acquired teaching positions for this. Teaching accounts for only about half of our numerous activities (supervision of doctoral projects, acquisition and implementation of research projects, publications, expert opinions, academic self-administration, etc.). The administrative effort in teaching alone is not insignificant despite (or because of?) digitization (RWTHOnline, Moodle). Just for the registration, re-registration, and determination of grades in RWTHonline, we sometimes need several minutes for individual students. With individual, personal answers and explanations this quickly adds up to many hours a day.