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In DC.littlebim, basic concepts, methods and techniques of digital support for planning and designing the built environment are taught.

"Building Information Modeling (BIM) is based on the idea of a consistent use of a digital building model throughout the entire life cycle of a building - from design, planning and execution to operation of the building." (translated from german to english from Building Information Modeling. 2015, Springer. Borrmann, King, Cook, Beetz (ed.).

The name of the seminar is inspired by the "littleBIM/BIGBIM" concept, which distinguishes working on individual aspects and sections (littleBIM) from the cooperation of all those involved in construction (BIGBIM).

The focus of the course in the 2nd semester is on teaching the basics and their practical applications with simple tools.

Supporting the requirements of the current semester, techniques of efficient

  1. 3D modelling (rapid shape studies and conceptual models),
  2. Basic use of BIM authoring tools (component-oriented information models)
  3. the visualization of the results (renderings, layout).

are taught.

The contents covered in this seminar will be taught with practical exercises in the respective topics. The exercises are carried out using blended learning methods, in which teaching and learning content can be worked out independently with the help of online resources. Questions can be clarified in the lectures via drop-in mentoring.


General Basics

  • Basics of digital data processing
  • Data - Information - Knowledge
  • CAD - CAAD - BIM, a quick look back

Geometric modeling

  • geometric modelling in the early phases
  • Basics of 3D modelling
  • Special 3D bodies
  • 2D -> 3D strategies and techniques
  • 3D -> Take 3D modelled bodies as the basis of a 2D drawing

Building Information Modeling

  • Use cases, processes, models
  • Objects, relations, characteristics,
  • Parametric modelling
  • Data types, constraints


  • Cameras, lights, materials
  • White rendering
  • Postprocessing
  • Layout

Further notes:

The course is offered during the summer semester only. Registration is done via RWTH-Online.

Students who have to repeat the subject will find all necessary information on this website: https://dc.rwth-aachen.de/de/lehre/bachelor/wiederholung

Scheduled Dates

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