Often people desire their own software functions and better three-dimensional insights when creating BIM models. The seminar offers an introduction to improve your own BIM-based working methods and to develop your own tools.

Based on the "CAAD.VR" course, we want to use the advanced DC.Prototype format to explore the possibilities of desktop to XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Realty and Mixed Reality) applications. Starting with a detailed (literature) review, a research question will be identified and a prototyp will be developed. For this purpose an introduction to the Unreal Engine 4 is given, which can be used for the development. However, other development environments may also be used. If you are interested, there is the opportunity to have a look into existing research projects and to participate in them.


In the scope of the two-semester seminar, a problem is to be defined and its solution implemented as a prototype. In addition, the findings of the research and your answer to the question should be summarized in a written paper. After consultation with the supervisor, the idea will be elaborated independently or in a group of two.

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