DC.Repeat Exam

There are many reasons why an exam has not been passed. Often it is not necessary to repeat the entire course, but only to repeat the exam. Thus, in most cases, participation in the semester-long course is not required. Of course, if you are not familiar with the course content, the regular course can be repeated as a whole! In this case, the course instructor should be consulted. In case of uncertainty, it is recommended to arrange a consultation with a responsible team member.

Exam passed but no grade visible

RWTH Online distinguishes between course registration and exam registration. Only when you have registered for the exam, we can publish the grades in RWTH Online.

Further notes:

For CAAD.Start / DC.Start, CAAD.Eins, and CAAD.Team the registration is done directly via Moodle.

For CAAD.Start / DC.Start, CAAD.Eins, and CAAD.Team, registration is done directly via Moodle. (Click on Moodle)

For all other courses, registration via RWTH-Online is mandatory for participation; the registration procedure is: DC Repeat Exam

A consultation with the responsible course instructor is recommended at the beginning of the semester.

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