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Research field CAAD.VR

Virtual Reality has become indispensable in the entertainment industry. Further, developed headmounted displays (VR glasses) are constantly improving their resolution and tracking functionalities. On the smartphone, faster processors enable smoother, mobile VR experiences. In the field of architecture, the development of new tools can benefit from the entertainment industry. Applications in the field of virtual architecture inspections, communication platforms and construction management are now increasingly being used.

After a general introduction and overview, the workflow from the BIM software to the visualization platform Unreal Engine 4 will be taught. The experiences gained there in the field of VR data visualization will form the basis for the development of our own research topic.
In a written term paper the results are explained and shown by means of the Unreal Engine in its basic features as Mockup.

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Registration is via RWTH-Online. Participation in the introductory event confirms the place. As and when free places in the course become available, they will be allocated to successors or interested parties.


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