The M1 project Architecture Informatics gives students the opportunity to scientifically discuss selected topics of construction-specific information technology. Students will learn how to independently develop a problem, choose suitable methods, plan a small research project and implement it technically using tools they have developed themselves. The individual topics tie in with current research projects in the field of computer-aided design.

Necessary knowledge in the field of programming and software development is imparted during the semester, so that participation without previous experience is also possible.

The focus in the current semester is on the investigation and domain-specific extension of the numerous OpenSource platforms for research, practice and teaching. The platforms examined include, among others:

  • FreeCAD
  • Blender
  • LibreCAD
  • IfcOpenShell

Further information:

The registration for this course is done via RWTH-Online. The semester accompanying dates are agreed upon with the registered students. In addition, weekly meetings individual support can be inquired for in the context of the individual project development.


All inquiries to this meeting can be placed exclusively over the E-Mail m1@dc.rwth-aachen.de.