M2 Research Projects in Architectural Informatics

In this course, current research topics from the field of architectural construction and urban informatics are investigated in the form of individual scientific projects.

The class spans two terms where:

  • During Term 1:

    • Research Planning: Determine the scope of the project, formulate the research questions and implementation strategy. Plan the execution and validation of experiments as well as the dissemination of the results.
      • Literature Survey: Investigate the state of the art regarding underlying research topics from scientific literature
      • Technological background: Get familiar with the required technologies, e.g. data modelling, programming excercises, study the available soft- and hardware frameworks related to the topic.
      • Reporting & Presentation: Report and present the projects on a regular basis to peers, supervisors and potential industry stakeholders
  • During Term 2:
    • Research Execution: Based on the research questions, scope and research plan from term 1, execute the research in a structured manner. This more often than not includes the creation of data models, simulation models and software prototype implementations (e.g. in the form of plugins to existing tools, stand-alone protypes, mobile apps etc.) based on knowldedge and skills aquired in term 1.

An initial seed of research project ideas include:

  • Distributend Real-time Remote Collaboration and 3D presentation with VR and AR
  • Worklows and integratiton of Open CAD Geometry Kernels and BIM in Open Source tool chains
  • Semi-automated IFC model enhancements for visualization purposes
    • UV Mapping for IFC models based on parametric element types
    • accurate placement of multi-layer shaders for accurate defect location and documentation in large objects
  • Automated Linking of Heterogenous Building Data Sets using Machine Learing and/or spacial inference
  • Automated view-point generation for BCF issues
  • off-site multimedia enrichment of building models with images
  • Bidirectional Spatial Linking of text-documents with BIM
  • Long-Term monitoring systems and archival of complex building


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