Image processing using Adobe Photoshop as an example

Perspective representations have a high value in the field of architecture and design. What is the best way to achieve one's goal with one's own abilities? Rendering is rarely a model photo or a sketch finished at the push of a button. The post-processing, assembly and staging forms an indispensable part of the final product. The most important Adobe Photoshop tools will be introduced and practiced in practical exercises during the course.

The main focus will be on architectural manipulation. We will not post-process renderings. Rather, we focus on understanding Photoshop, processing images, learning to work with perspective, and finally compose a complete image ourselves. The skills we develop can be used for all areas of architectural visualization.


  • Photoshop Basics
  • photo editing and retouching
  • Isolation and manipulation
  • Composition and brainstorming

More information:

The registration is done via RWTH-Online. Previous knowledge in image processing is not necessary. The seminar is designed as a blended learning course. On the basis of written documentation and numerous video tutorials the contents can be compiled. Students need their own computer to participate. Adobe Photoshop should be installed on this computer. The focus is on teaching methods and working methods, so that the content can also be reproduced with alternative software such as Gimp or Affinity Photo.


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