Bicycle parking garage HBF Aachen:

Nobody will deny that Aachen is the fastest and most effective place to cycle. So it's not unusual for many people to use their bikes in Aachen. The search for a parking bracket, a traffic sign or a lantern to safely park your bike is not easy in some places! This problem can be seen very clearly in the vicinity of public buildings and also at railway stations. Particularly in the vicinity of such places, it is advisable to offer an improved infrastructure for safe and weatherproof parking of bicycles.
Within the framework of the "Stegreifen Entwurf Fahrradparkhaus HBF Aachen", concepts are to be developed on how the parking situation for bicycles can be improved and thus making cycling in Aachen can be made more interesting, especially for commuters by train.

Further information

All further information and an introduction to the topic can be obtained from the staff at the Chair. Registration and dates under RWTH Online.