Stegreif COVID-19 Hack


Only few could imagine how our lifes would be changed by a virus. The world ist takes up the fight to keep new infection rates low. Many of us are worried about granparents, partents, children, family and friends

Architecs are inventors. We have learned to develop new concepts and ideas, to build prototype and generate models and drawings to build and replicate them. This skill set can contributte now


We are looking for small inventions to improve live during the COVID-19 pandemic. Desing to help preventing new infections, to improve life and work at home, to make communication easier and saver, to keep up and enhance supply chains...

To produce prototypes, all technical means for rapid prototype production from low-tech to hight tech such as laser-cutters, 3D printers, CNC etc. are allowed. The main goal is to create constructions that can be replicated in maker-spaces, fablabs or simply at home. Special attention has to be paid to the scarcity of material, production means and availability of resources here and around the world.


A construction manual in the form of a PDF. This includes a bill of quantity, step-by-step instructions, 1:1 scale templates for production etc. Please make sure the document can be printed out with low-end consumer printers at home in an A4 format.
A video with a short presentation of the intended use and construction!

Submission is done in a digital form in Moodle. Here, you will also find hint for the production of videos using your phone. We intend to publish good ideas together with you.