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The design, planning, construction and operation of user-friendly and sustainable buildings and cities require the close cooperation among many.

The efficient communication between stakeholders is a key factor for the integration of knowledge and information of different disciplines and domains. Next to traditional, two-dimensional technical drawings, a wide range of digital tools are increasingly being used across the whole lifecycle of buildings. These tools are based on shared, interdisciplinary building information models (BIM) that can be used for e.g. requirements management, parametric design variations or the simulation of building physics performance, structural behavior and construction processes.

The study, understanding, application and development of these fundamental methods, technologies and tools are the central aspects of the chair Design Computation – CAAD (Computer Aided Architectural Design).



/ Master, Stegreif

According to NASA, the first people are expected to return to the moon as early as 2024, this time to establish a long-term human presence. The aim is not only to stay on the moon, but also in its orbit. In addition to a Lunar Module, a space station is to be built, which - similar to the ISS - will...