Project information:

Funding agency: European Union FP7

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Runtime: 2013 - 2016


TU Eindhoven, Information Systems in the Built Environment

Computer Graphics Group (Prof. Reinhard Klein)

Uni Hannover

Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover (TIB)

CITA – Center for Information Technology and Architecture, Denmark

Visual Computing - FhA Graz


Jakob Beetz

Scope of the project

Knowledge about buildings and built structures is of interest to a wide variety of stakeholders, ranging from architects and urban planners to building operators or the general public. Such knowledge includes 3D models and point clouds as they are generated throughout the planning, building, construction or refurbishing phases. Related information about the legal, historical, infrastructural or environmental context of built structures is considered useful in many use cases in practice. While such information as well as the actual structure evolve continuously, preservation of architectural knowledge is of crucial importance. Therefore, DURAARK is developing methods and tools for the Long-Term Preservation (LTP) of architectural knowledge, including approaches to:

  • Enrich Building Information Models with “as built” information from scans
  • Semantically enrich building models with additional data sets
  • Preserve 3D models for future reuse

This project has received funding from the European Commission under the 7th frameworks programme under Grant Agreement No. 600908.